Posted by: Dangerousden | July 19, 2012

South End of Walney 19 July 2012


Managed to get my first sea fishing visit in since getting back from holiday. Decided to persevere with Walney (no luck so far this year). Started fishing (as usual) 2 hours before high water. There was a good surf but rather too much weed! About a hour before high water I finally managed to catch my first silver (using blow lug) off the beach for about 40 odd years :cheer: . The hook came out just as I beached it. It was safely returned to the sea.Had to move down the beach to get clear water free from “rafts” of weed. I am glad I took Gerry’s advice and went for the 15ft Triplex. This gave me extra height to avoid as much weed as possible.

About twenty minutes later I managed to bag my second silver , once again safely returned.

Just on high tide I caught my third silver once again returned. Just after this a couple of seals turned up and it went “dead”.
All in all I thoroughly enjoyed my session today and might have a dabble tomorrow not sure whether to go back to the South End or try the second scar at Roanhead. Blow lug safely tucked up in the outside fridge!

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