Posted by: Dangerousden | July 24, 2012

Earnsie Bay 24 July 2012

Planned a session with Steve (Spartan). We had planned to fish the South End of Walney from low to high water (1539) . Drove down for a site visit whilst Steve was digging hid bait and the conditions did not inspire me (drizzly rain). Contacted Steve and met up with him at Earnsie Bay. we decided to go have some lunch and reconvene later. I got there for 1230 and started to fish. The conditions were good with a good surf, and the drizzle had stopped (temporary). Steve arrived about 1300. Decided to fish just blow lug with a 1 hook clipped rig to give me more distance.

The fishing was very quite and I was struggling to hold the sea bed with a 200gm gripper weight, persevered and had a knock @ 1445 ended up landing a 34 cm Silver….this gave us some encouragement until a seal appeared.

My weight was drifting northwards and @1535 I decided to reel in ….resulting in a small plaice.

The weed wasn’t too bad, the run quietened down and my bait was now holding, decided to change to a 125 gm gripper and @ 1630 again my rod started banging away ….result was a 35 cm Silver.

The tide was ebbing fast and just like last weeks session my expectations for further success was not high, however @1700 once again my rod went berserk resulting in a 36cm Silver (my second silver hat trick this year)

Unfortunately Steve was not able to connect into anything , but I appreciate him taking the photos. We fished until 1730 and decided to pack in and ponder on where to fish tomorrow.

All fish safely returned to fight another day!

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