Posted by: Dangerousden | July 25, 2012

Earnsie Bay 25 July 2012

Had another session with Steve Magee….this was after a digging session for yellow tail and Steve pumping for Black Lug with his home made pump (he did more trumping than pumping)……. trip to Gerrys this weekend for two Alvey 30mm slimbore bait pumps.I got there for 1300 and started to fish. The conditions were good with, not much surf with a NW breeze. Steve arrived about 1400. I decided once again to fish just blow lug with a 1 hook clipped rig to give me more distance.The fishing was very quite and Steve and myself both had knocks @1500. Steve ended up landing a 25 cm Silver.

I landed a 33cm Silver

Decided to get my Shakespeare Salmon Bait/Spin rod and Shimano reel out for some light action……. this only resulted in me struggling to land a crab.

Nothing much happened much after that…fished until 1800
then home to put the bait back in the fridge for a low water session on Friday….. location yet to be decided

Once again all fish (and crab) safely returned to fight another day!


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