Posted by: Dangerousden | July 31, 2012

Goadsbarrow 31 July 2012

Steve Magee and myself decided to have a dabble at Bardsea. I reviewed the area last week…amongst other venues and thought it looked good. I started fishing the tide in @ 0830 (high tide 1042) whilst Steve was still having his full English. I was fishing blow/ yellow tail lug and my rod went bang and I thought I was into a silver but landed a decent flounder which went back safely.

My Flounder

Steve turned up a little later and the fishing went very quite (no pun intended). The problem was crabs I think as I managed to land one of the little devils.
It was a pleasant morning with an easterly / south easterly breeze.
Just after high tide @1100 Steve’s rod went mad which resulted in him landing decent flounder

Steve’s Flounder

…………… which went in his bag for his tea (sometimes I think all he thinks about is his stomach lol)

We carried on fishing the ebb until 1200 and called it a day. That’s another venue on the list!

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