Posted by: Dangerousden | August 3, 2012

Earnsie Bay 3 Aug 2012

Myself and Steve tried our favourite venue once again. Fished 2hours up 1.5 hours down. SE breeze and not much surf compared with the previous day. I was using up my 3 day old blow. Steve was given some crab and black from his mate and he kindly donated some to me. Finished off the session with crab and neither Steve or myself both blanked without even any knocks.
Even so I thoroughly enjoyed the session  …as with all sessions. I don’t what it is but I have really got the sea fishing bug and if I could I would be out every day. It’s definitely back to the drawing board for me once I have rested by back, may have to try Roanhead next week on the lower tides. Had to resort to using a chair!….never been known before for me.

Decided to freeze the 2 black lug Steve gave me. Once the back is repaired I intend to go pumping some black (or try!)

Sorry there aren’t any fish photos.

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