Posted by: Dangerousden | August 10, 2012

South End of Walney 10 Aug 2012

Haven’t been fishing for a week….why….I don’t know! At last summer is here, decided to fish in just shorts and flip flops….this was the best decision of the day.. It was my decision to have a session with Steve at the South End (why I don’t know!)

Started to fish the tide in @1300 (HT 1748 – 7.10M). No knocks , just fed the crabs. Carried on fishing until 1700 and decided to call it a day.

Was going to take some photos but they would only have been of Steve and myself sunbathing (not a pretty sight). Next session planned in for Sunday at Copes hole ..can’t wait for the tides to lift.

Must use the tip I got from a chap yesterday who was fishing the North Wall (I called in there for a site visit whilst I was in Morecambe). He uses corks to get his bait off the bottom. This venue looks good and I intend to have a 100mile round trip in the near future

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