Posted by: Dangerousden | August 14, 2012

Roanhead 14 Aug 2012

Decided to has a session at Roanhead to use the lugworm kindly donated my my mate Steve. Once again the only fisherman on the beach. Fished 2 hours up one hour down (HT 1007  7.45M). as soon as I hit the beach the heavens opened. This quickly cleared and it turned into pleasant morning with a southerly light breeze.

The fishing was very quite ,every cast the hook was coming in clean. Managed to beach one flounder…never even managed to see/ feel the knock, unfornuaterly I could not remove the hook without damaging the fish.


Shortly after I did get a decent knock unfortuantely I missed it!

Eventually managed to land one of the little bait pinchers.

Bait Pincher

I had fly past in front of me from a swan before it merrily paddled past me it’s way towards Askam.

Visit from a Swan

The downside of the visit was having to wade through (as usual on this beach) dog sh**t and black bags of dog sh**t left by inconsiderate dog owners. Last week there was a familly from Morecambe on the beach with their children. Thre is no way I would take any child of mine on the beach. To top it all whilst keeping an eye on the tip of my rod, I heard awoman shout” no! no!”……next thing I turned round to find her dog pissing on my coat. Fortunatlely I took an old high vis jacket (now in the wash!

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