Posted by: Dangerousden | August 19, 2012

Kingfisher Car Park 19 Aug 2012

I’ve never fished it before…..Steve Magee has and it was his choice to have a session at Kingfisher Car Park . We arrived early (1045) to get a good peg (HT 1318’ish 9.23M). When we arrived the peg where Steve wanted to fish was engaged by Steve Palmer and his son Ryan (Pugsies bezzy mate from First Shore ), We fished next to Ryan only after asking if it was OK to Steve!. Whilst we waited for the tide to show we had a right good crack with them.The tide showed @ 1200 and we were off. The first to show on the scene was you Ryan with a flounder. I had a small touch and lifted my rod…the next thing I got a rightt god bang…. only to reel in a small flounder.

Steve was next to connect…thought he was going to go tits up on the slippery rocks…no such luck ,

only to land his first and only flounder.

There was not much action along the beach and I managed to land a second flounder @1400 (got to teach Steve to keep his finger away fro the camera lense .

Carried on fishing until 1445 and decided to call it a day as Steve is on nights tonight. Thanks goes to Ryan who gave me his leftover lug….. this will save me from digging in the morning for my session at Aldigham tomorrow much appreciated:)

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