Posted by: Dangerousden | August 20, 2012

Aldingham 20 Aug 2012

I was on a solo sesion today and decided to venture to Aldigham. Looked at the forecast for today and it wasn’t good…..fortunatly the BBC got it wrong again. It wasa fantacstic day with a westerly breeze.I arrived early to get an idea of the ground and how the tide came in. I arrived @1130 and got my chair out and sat back and enjoy]ed the view over the bay andlooking at the tide 2 miles away!

A Waiting Game

A Waiting Game

I noticed there were quite a few decent sized worm casts so I went back to the car and had a bit of a dig…..not very productive , one small worm (returned)….. the sand was very clayy (if tha’s a word!) I took the fork back to the car and on my return there was a gentleman in the garden of the white house next to the church. He enquired if I got any worms / had any. I enquired that I was just seeing what the worm beds were like and I did have bait. He asked me if I wanted his leftover bait from yesterday that he did not need……I took him up on his kind offer. It’s getting to be a habit poeple donating worms to me.
The tide started to show and was fishable about 1245 (HT 1354’ish 9.28M). It wasn’t long (1257) before my rod started rattling and I landed my first flounder (sorry about the quality of the photo).

First Flounder of the Day

Had couple of thumping knocks , unfortunately could not connect, however @ 1351 my rod was bouncing all over the place and I managed to land a 36cm Silver which was safely returned.

Only Bass of the day


Another flounder followed @1450.

Second Flounder of the Day


Just before I was thing about packing in due to lack of water I managed a flounder double @1508.

Flounder double

It was a thoroughly enjoyable day and nice to get back on the Silver trail again (thought I was doing something wrong

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