Posted by: Dangerousden | August 21, 2012

Earnsie Bay 21 Aug 2012

Decided to have a change today. Haven’t been to Earnsie Bay for about a week so decided to give a go although I had feedback from Oldbassman that four rods fished yesteday with no success. The BBC weather forecast ……once again didn’t inspire me be it was totally wrong and it turned out be a fantastic day with a southerly breeze but not much surf.

Got there and started fishing @1230 (HT 1433 9.20 M).

View looking South

The fishing was very quite and unfortunately there is not much to write about. A few poeple walking by , couple of planes taking off, wind turbines turning and birds flying past:).

Decided to carry on fishing 2 hours down just for the heck of it and to use up my bait (what Ryan Palmer gave me at Kigfisher Car Park on Sunday).

2 hours after the ebb

Although it wasn’t a very active afternoon it was so relaxing sat in my chair (due a back back with too much fishing). I am so lucky to be able to have retired early.

Fridge now empty of blow lug so a digging session will have to planned in! The last two fishing visits I have been lucky to be given worms!

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