Posted by: Dangerousden | August 22, 2012

River Duddon 22 Aug 2012

Decided to have a break from sea fishing and get back to my roots ……Salmon and Sea Trout. Had a session fly fishing on one of the rivers I have shares in (Penny Parrock). Once again the BBC weather got it wrong and it. I donned the chest waders and wading jacket only to find it very warm and sunny!

I started fishing at the Lower Limit on the River Duddon, upstream of the Duddon Bridge.

The water was very low with not much water movement. I started fishing a floating line with Mallard and Claret. I was not very optimistic as I have never caught a Sea Trout on fly during the day.
I moved up towards the Brest Dub, I saw one fish show and that was it.

Fished it for about an hour and decided to move upstream a few miles towards Ulpha up to the Sella Pot .

I walked along the river from Stile Pool

Past the Gravel Bend. As I walked along the river there was a gentleman fishing in the river. I kept a wide berth and reached Slew Pot

There was not much movement here. I carried on upstream past Sella Pot and started to fish downstream.

I carried on fishing with the Mallard and Claret before changing to a Teal Blue and Silver to no avail.

The weather did start to change and it went overcast and started to rain so I called it a day. I will have to plan in another session once the river level rises.

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