Posted by: Dangerousden | August 30, 2012

First Bash at Preserving Lugworm

Dug some decent lugworm this afternoon to have a bash at preserving in salt. My wife and I had to finish of 3/4 kg of ice ream first. (the things you have to do!)

2kg (empty now!) ice cream tub, fresh washed lugworm and salt.

The ingredients

I spread a 10mm layer of salt in bottom of tub.The lugworm is spread out and covered with another 10mm of salt.

Layering up with salt

Process finished three layers of lugworm covered in salt (had to pitch the salt out of the kitchen cupbaord as I could not get a bag!

Put in the fridge for a week. I will report back on the outcome.

Ready for the refrigerator


Finally got round to completing the salting process :cheer: .The worms have been saltimg now for about 13 days.

The worms have a leathery texture and my first impression is that they should be a decent bait. I may have to use two and elastic to the hook.

I bagged up the worms in a resealable bag with fresh salt.

Salted worms now stored in the fridge along with worms dug yesterday (stored in water which I don’t normally do). Also in the fridge are the worms that were damaged from yesterday digging salted (why waste worms to be left for the seagulls!

The proof will be in the catching and I will feedback on progress.

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