Posted by: Dangerousden | August 31, 2012

31 Aug 2012 South End of Walney

Had a solo session today to use up my leftover lugworm (and the black that my old mucker Steve gave me) as I will not be going out again until next Monday. Fished 2 up 2 down (HT 1205 8.94M), the weather was beautiful with a slight SW breeze, the sea was calm…not ideal conditions but what the heck who cares…I was out fishing!

I was using a one up one down two hook flapper rig, bottom hook Blow and top hook Black Lug.

There was not much action, just a couple of seals right in front of me. One about 20 M out (you can just make the splash out as it dived). Another came right in about 10M in front of me but I was too slow this the shutter!

It was 1150, very peaceful as I sat back in chair, 3 flocks of Shearwater were flying  from North to South and I was watching the straggleers trying to catch up when…………. my rod started thumping,

I immediately struck  and to my delight I landed my first Silver  keeper. Measuring 38cm and weighing in at 2lb. It was caught on the Blow Lug. I was in two minds to return it, but as I have never tasted  Bass for some 40 years I decided to take it home for the plate.  Will have to suss out the recipes on line!

Even tried my hand at a Self portrait.

Once high tide came a Westerly breeze blew up and the sea became moderately rough and the temperature dropped. I did have acouple of small knocks but didn’t manage to connect in again.


  1. Brilliant dennis :0) well dine mate good blog too:0)

    • Thanks for the positive comment Paul.

  2. Well done on your bass Den,It was worth the effort again mate flatties last night now bass,wait till you taste it mmmmmm

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