Posted by: Dangerousden | September 3, 2012

3 Sep 2012 South End of Walney

Got up to glorious sunshine this morning, dug some fresh lugworm and planned  a solo  session at the South End of Walney today whilst my old mate Steve Magee was in bed after his night shift!.

The weather was beautiful with a westerly breeze giving up a bit of surf and broken sunshine. There were two more chaps fishing further south about 500M and another chap even further down.

I fished 2 up 2 down (HT 1349  8.97M). Once again I was using a one up one down two hook flapper rig, bottom hook Blow and top hook Black Lug. Fishing was very quite with the bait not getting touched. There was quite a lot of weed about from the tide line out to about 15M. Fortunately I was able to get my rod as high as possible and this gave me no problems. As usual a couple of seals made an appearance……. a little further out than last week.

Last week I caught my biggest fish this year, 30 minutes before high tide I managed to catch my smallest fish this year thus  preventing me blanking! (I’ll take that)

On the very next cast I had a good knock but didn’t manage to connect. Just before high tide the wind eased off and the the sky went overcast. My hooks stared to come back empty so I decided to  fish a single hook flapper rig with blow lug.

I had a visit for the second time from a bird just swimming up and down on the edge of the tide, not sure if it was injured or just enjoying itself.

I was fishing the tide down  and contemplating packing in when I got a couple of light knocks, once again I did not connect. Fishing tackle washed, bait back in the fridge and going to my thinking cap on for tomorrows session.


  1. Nice reading this just a shame not to much luck. You might even see me next week if yer out. (I will be the noob trying to work out what I am doing) Not been fishing for over 8 years and then it was only coarse fishing wanting to get back into fishing and intend to go on spending spree to get kitted up next monday.

    • Thanks for the comment. Regarding fishing venues if you read my reports and look at he photos this will give you an idea of where to fish. I went to Gerry’s of Morecambe for advice and to buy my gear.

      • Been checking out Gerry’s the prices are fantastic perfect for some1 like myself who is on tight budget and setting up. I don’t drive sadly but with low prices of Gerry’s delivery evens it out angling and hiking tend to be very expensive and would only go in emergency cases or small items. The help you gave me on the forums was great and thank you again for that.. Take care

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