Posted by: Dangerousden | September 5, 2012

4 Sep 2012 Foulney Island

Had a visit to Foulney Island with Steve Magee and Pugsie. Once again I have never fished their for over 40 years when I used to fish there with my dad.

The weather was good with a stiff north westerly breeze. Pugsie and myself got there before Steve @ 1120  and decided to carry on walking and to have a look at the the beach before the tide showed. We got to the spot where Pugsies mate recommneded.

There was a chap just comnig back from spinning the furthest scar of the island with no success. I had a bit of a crack with hin regarding how to spin the Island. He recommended 2 hours before low and 1 hour on the turn. He has had some success with schoolies and his best Bass this year was 2lb, I noticed that he had been spinning with a silver Toby. He said that you have to be very careful not to get cut off  the incoming tide behind you on Foulney.  I informed him that I had only had one spinning session and that was in early June at Thorney Nook….with no success.

We got  started fishing, we fished 2 up 1.5 down (HT 1422  8.78M).  I was using a one up one down two hook flapper rig, with  Blow  Lug. I did try a couple of casts with frozen sand eel……. to no avail.

Sat back on my comfy chair  with hood up, rod in hand resting on my rod rest at a low level a it was awkward with the blustery wind. This is the first time I had fished like this and it enabled me to easily to detect knocks and to strike early. The weed was not a problem.

Fishing was quite for Pugsie , Steve and myself  until I had a cracking knock @ 1315 resulting a plaice… nicely lipped and safely  returned.

40 minutes later I had another knock and landed my first flounder of the day. Once again lipped and safely returned.

I had another knock next cast and  didn’t quite beach another small flonder as it came off at the waters edge. Just about on high tide I had a light knock…… didn’t strike ….decided to wait.! Next thing in knocked again and the line went slack, I reeled in and struck without success! It went a bit quite until Pugsie managed to beach a 32cm Silver and…………..

…………….@ 1510 I managed to bag another flounder both fish safely returned.

10 minutes later I was into my 4th fish of the day another small flounder and safely returned.

Steve didn’t see any action and  fortunately blanked.  I kept his interest going letting him take the photos (he’s getting good at this). The tide was dropping and the bait running out and we decided to call it a day. This is one venue that I will be doing again, not only beach casting but also spinning.  I will be looking at walking the whole island at low water to get a feel of the best bait/ spinning locations.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable session with decent (if blustery) weather conditions and great views.

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