Posted by: Dangerousden | September 18, 2012

18 Sep 2012 Kingfisher Car Park

Haven’t been fishing since 4 Sep 2012  and decided to have  a session at Kingfisher Car Park . I arrived @1100) (HT 1330 9.63M)………..the tide showed @ 1200. 5 other chaps also there.

The weather was changeable  (sunshine and heavy showers) with a stiff  westerly breeze. One or two rainbows showed on the day.

It was the first time I had worn my Greys Apollo Extreme suit , I have got to admit it was very good but when the sun came out I had to take the smock off…..can’t wait for winter (I don’t think!)

Fished with a one up one down two hook flapper rig on a150gm breakaway with  Blow  Lug worm on the clipped hook and for the very first time Salted Blow Lugworm on the top hook .

There was a strong from left to right until aabout 30 minutes befor high water. Fishing was very slow for me…the chaps on either side were certainly “bashing” the flatties. It wssn’t ubtil 1150 that I had my first knock and I managed to catch my first flounder on fresh Blow Lugworm.

At 1215 I had my second knock…and …yes to my delight caught it on my Salted Blow Lugworm,

That’s a first and gives me encouragement for salting and using these worm in the future. They are very similar in colour (black) and texture to my frozen Black Lug, smaller and ike a stick of liqourice. Fisheing went very quite for me! and it ending up being a waiting game with a strong ebbing tide flow.

Had a stonking knock about 1500 in very low water ….but did not connect! Carried on fishing until 1520 and decided to call it a day.


  1. Well done den no blank staight back into the fish :0)

  2. Have you tried salting black lug Den its a lot better than frozen black, it lasts a lot better when the crabs are about as well. I use it a fair bit in the bay and it seems to work pretty well in fact some days it outfishes fresh.
    Cheers Ian.

    • Hi Ian. Yes I do salt my own. I have a report in my blog.

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