Posted by: Dangerousden | September 19, 2012

19 Sep 2012 Earnsie Bay

After looking at the improving weather forecast for today, I decided to venture out on Walney for a session. Whilst driving to the venue, I encountered rain, sleet and hailstones and my interest was suddenly dwindling. I drove over to Sandy Gap to have a check on the conditions.The rain had eased off and the sea was a dirty brown colour with plenty of surf. I hummed and ahhed and finally made the decision to venture on to my old haunt ….Earnsie Bay.

Landed about 1100,  the rain had stopped and the conditions looked favourable, just the odd light shower and the temperature started off at   9 degrees C. The sky was clearing and yippee! the sun came out and the temperature rose. There was a stiff North-Westerly breeze which changed to Westerly, a fantastic surf, no weed whatsoever….perfect conditions!…….or so I thought.

Started fishing 2 hours before high water (HT 2210 9.52 M). I was the only one fishing. decided to fish a 1 hook flapper rig. Started off with Blow Lugworm, then Blow/ tipped with mackerel and on hight tide changed to frozen crab. Did not bother using my salted Blow Lugworm. Also had but did not use frozen sand eels, squid and black lugworm.

Shortly after I got started I was joined by a chap about 50M south of me.

I also noticed there was someone fishing about 500M North of me.

The session was very quite from start to finish …I never had one knock. The chap South of me had 2 flatties and a taker Bass (not sure of the size). Although the action was quiet (to say the least) it was a fantastic day to be out sea fishing.

The tide came up that far (limiting my casting) that I moved up onto the top of the beach (never had to do that before).

The session only livened up when Steve Magee turned up with his Labrapoodle….that dog is unbelievable it’s mental, it doesn’t sit still! I stuck it out until 2 hours after high water as the crab bait was still in good condition……..I packed in as I was running out of water.

Leftover Blow Lugworm now salted. Looking at the weather forecast can’t see me getting out tomorrow, away this weekend so it will be next week before I wet my next line.

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