Posted by: Dangerousden | September 28, 2012

FFA Game Water Nigel 28 Sep 2012

Haven’t been able to get out sea fishing for over a week and will not be able to get out again until next Monday at the earliest.Decided to have a couple of hours fly fishing on one my local Rainbow Trout Waters…..Nigel. This is located at Roanhead about 3 miles from Barrow in Furness. The weather was quite pleasant with the sun poking through now and again, however the wind was very blustery.

I stood at the west end of the pond for a few minutes to see if there was any movement…there wasn’t which didn’t surprise me!

I started fishing in the field at the west end of the pond the pegs for fly fishing were very limited due to the high water, reeds and the trees growing near the waters edge!. The wind was blowing right to left making it very difficult for the right hander.

I was using a floating line (with line sink on the 9ft leader) and started fishing with a black/ white and red long shanked nymph.  Carried on for about 30 minutes with no success no rises but a fish (probably a stocky from last week) jumping.

Decided to move through the woods to the north bank. Once again there were not may locations that could be fly fished,with a lot of bushes and trees behind me. Gave this about 30 minutes without any action or signs of a fish, moved on the the North East corner but this was unfishable, nowadays there are no areas to fly fish in between due to the trees and bushes taking over…not like 10 years ago.

Decided to move on to the east end of the pond.Only gave this about 15 minutes as the wind was in my face making casting very difficult.

Moved on to the south east bank where there are platforms for fly fishing. The terrain was terrible, very muddy and a lot more overgrown from my last visit in early June. When I got there, it was only possible to access one platform and the areas that could be cast into was limited due to the bush and tree growth behind me. I fished this for about 15 minutes…once again with no activity or signs of a fish.
Decided to have a long muddy trek back through the “jungle” to the field.

Lasted about 15 minutes until I caught my fly in the arm of my sweater and decided to call it a day.

Will have to try plan B next time….Burlington, haven’t fished this for a few years. This pond is also limited for the fly fishing locations.

Plan C will be Middle North (fly only), again haven’t fished this for a number of years. Apparently I have been told that they have stopped stocking this pond because of the poachers with nets!

All in all not a very successful session, it did however get me out of the house and blew some of the cobwebs off me!

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