Posted by: Dangerousden | October 10, 2012

10 Oct 2012 Copes Hole

Decided it was time I got my backside into gear and get back into feeding the crabs …seeing as I have not been able to get out since 19 Sep !! Dug some fresh Blowlug  this morning accompanied by mackeral , bluey and squid purchased from Gerrys yesterday (along with another new rod and reel).  Decided to have a low water session at Copes Hole.

Started fishing at about 1245 (LW 1403 3.48M). There was a coolish SE breeze and it was grey and overcast..the weather forecasters got that bit right!

Wasn’t there long before  I was joined by Steve Magee (I can’t keep him away from my “hot spots).

Started fishing with a one up one down two hook flapper rig on a 150g breakaway with  various baits…..Blow/ Bluey, Blow/ mackerel, Blow/ Squid on the clipped hook.  Every cast came back stripped…can thoroughly recommend these baits…… for crabs! I thought that there may be a bit of action once  the tide started to show like my last visit here in June . he tide showed at  about 1430 but still the hooks came back stripped bare. although I never had one knock it was a very enjoyable session and I had Steve there to keep me amused. I collected  a few mussels to practice mussel sausage making tomorrow after I get the ironing done tomorrow… is out as I have just seen the weather forecast.

Whilst collecting mussels I managed to find a fish filleting knife (which I gave to Steve for keeping me sane…or do I mean insane). Also found part of a rig with stainless steel hooks in perfect, sharp condition (would rather have caught a fish though).

Carried on fishing until about 1630 without  any success whatsoever,…..just before the rain started.  Unfortunately did not use all my Blowlug and I will not be able to get out until next week, so I will have to salt some more.

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