Posted by: Dangerousden | October 16, 2012

16 Oct 2012 Kingfisher Car Park

Afer a blowlug and black pumping session yesterday the plan of attack was going to be the west side of Walney. Had a drive over @0930 and decided it would be a waste of time as the sea was just a tad too rough to say the least. Turned around and decided to do Kingfisher Car Park. On arrival @1030 there was already bodies there ready for the flood including John  Roberts and Stan. Got tackled up with a one up one down two hook flapper rig on a 150gm breakaway top hook black lug and bottom clipped hook with blow lu tipped with mackerel. Also had bluey and squid but not used today.

Started fishing at about 1100 (HW 12:26  9.80M). There was a blustery westerly wind with broken sky. Fortunately the rain did not make an appearance!

Not long after I stated fishing Steve Magee made an appearance.

It took a while to get into a fish and I had my first flounder @1145 on blow lug tipped with Mackerel….one for the table.

I/2 hour later I had my second flounder, once again caught on blow lug tipped with Mackerel and safely returned.

The action was thick and fast to the left of me with Steve, Stan and John hitting the flatties better than me. I managed to take a few photos of Steve and his fish before my mobile phone memory was full!



It went very quite for me and it wasn’t until 1300 that I had my third and final flounder this time on black lug and again safely returned.

The tide was ebbing fast and I carried on fishing until 1415 before calling it a day,just after Stan and John….. Steve soon followed. All in all it was an enjoyable session and I had a good crack with Steve, Stan and John.

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