Posted by: Dangerousden | October 17, 2012

17 Oct 2012 Roanhead

After a bit of flatty bashing yesterday, I really wanted to get out on the West side of Walney……. but my heart wanted a trip to the top scar at Roanhead….my heart won. I haven’t fished the top scar at Roanhead for over 40 years. I started back sea fishing this year flatty bashing at Roanhead on the 1st scar,  and throughout the summer I really wanted to go to the top scar for “Silver” searching but never did.

I wasn’t sure when the top scar would be fishable so I decided to get onto the car park  for 1030 and look forward to the 30 minute trek and get there 2 hours before high water, not surprisingly I was the only one sea fishing, years ago it would have been packed out!..

The weather was good with a blustery SW wind (in my opinion) the forecast gave it as SSE!. Got onto the beach and I couldn’t believe the height of the previous tide.

On the way along the beach I bumped into an old work colleague from GlaxoSmithKline….Craig Preston. He always rips it out of me on Facebook when I catch a Flounder…he says…it’s a Fluke!

Got to the top scar and the tide was on the flood about 300M from the high water mark…….which was very high from last nights tide…..I wasn’t sure what to expect. Was going to bring and christian  my new Triplex and Abus 6500 i TRS but decided against it and fished just the one rod. (the amount of bait I had I could have fished 4 rods!).

Not to be any different from my previous sessions (I must be boring) got tackled up with a one up one down two hook flapper rig on a 150gm breakaway top hook fresh crab (thanks John…much apreciated) and bottom clipped hook with fresh black/ blow lug.

Started fishing at about 1100 (HW 1307  9.7M). I was casting out and walking back to the high tide-water mark as fast as I could walk. Thought I was losing my marbles when I could hear barking/ screaching/ and a bit of surface action about 400M away…wasn’t sure whether it was a whale or more plausible a pair of seal having an argument…think it was seals. The sea was ver y clean with no problems with weed.

Not to say the least the fishing was very quite ….no……… it was dead. Thought that I may have had a flatty or two. Don’t get me wrong even though blanked, I thoroughly enjoyed the session and it brought back happy memories of when I used to fish with my dad (Billy Plant) over 40 years ago. I can’t remember all those years ago whether the tide (albeit a 9.07M) came up the sand dunes that far!

I ended up having the get into the dunes to carry on fishing up until high tide. The sea was not that rough (probably coud have done with a westerly with surf)  but the waves were coming up onto the dunes and I was actually watching coastal erosion.

Had a  close visit from a bull seal, thought if he is there must be fish about…not the case!

I fished the tide  back 1.5 hours after high water and decided to call it a day. On the way back I could have probably flatty bashed for another hour in my usaul spot, I could see the result of the erosion to the dunes on this tide! I am sorry that this report is not very fishy but for anybody thinking of a new venue in my opinion it is worth a visit if not for the fish…but for the experience and the scenery.

I may not go back to the top scar  this season, but I will definitely plan more trips next season (even a spinning session).

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