Posted by: Dangerousden | October 18, 2012

18 Oct 2012 Earnsie Bay

Decided after blanking yesterday to have a session on Walney as it was 4 weeks since my last visit. Thought I may have got into a Silver or Cod ……but it did not happen and I….blanked again!

The weather forecast was good it stayed that way. There was a brisk SE wind with a decent surf on. There was a small amount of weed about but it never became a problem. There  was a strong northerly run on and I struggled to get my 150 gm breakaway to hold.

I started fishing @1045  (HT 1351  9.74 M). I was the only one fishing (that should have told me something!  decided to fish a 2 hook flapper rig. with a variety of bait cocktails that included fresh black, blow mackerel and squid.

The session was very quite from start to finish …I never had one knock. The tide came up high  and for the second time this year I had to  move up onto the top of the beach Steve Magee turned up with his Labrapoodle and we had a good crack….mainly him explaining how he caught his fish on Tuesday night…..and missed a biggy! He took a couple of photos of me….and his finger not worth putting in the report (sorry Steve) I stuck it out until 1 hour after high water, not like me I usually go for 2 hours after high.

unfortunately this is not a very exiting report, a change of venue will required for my next session.

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