Posted by: Dangerousden | October 24, 2012

23 Oct 2012 South End of Walney

Dug some fresh blow lug, raided the freezer for frozen black, squid, mackerel and my loaded frozen mussel hooks and headed off for a new mark.hoping to get into a Silver or Cod or ….anything!
The weather was very mild (16 deg C) no wind and unfortunately the sea was dead calm. I got there for 1700 and fished the tide up (HT 1856 7.80 M). , Steve Magee was already there. Shortly after we were joined by John Roberts. Decided to make my own rig for this session with single 3/0 Manta Extra bottom hook (attached to a Gemini link clip) and a 3/0 Manta Extra/ 2/0 pennel Manta Extra on the top. Started with freshblow on the bottom and frozen black/ tipped with mackerel on the top. Things were very quite with no action. Decided to change the bottom hook by clipping on once of the mussel baits (frozen onto a 3/0 hook) tipped with squid. This is the first time I had used mussel

The session continued to very quite from start to finish …I never had one knock. John and Steve had one crab apiece. I stuck it out until 0845 and decided to call it a night, Steve likewise. John finished earlier.
I took a photo of Steve’s crab as it looked a little strange. I was not sure if it was a Chinese mitten crab.

I read an article in my local paper regarding the sighting of a lone Chinese mitten crab near Millom. This has prompted fears for a the natural ecosystems around the Duddon and Morecambe Bay. This crab species is not relative to this area and is believed to originate from China or North Korea and it is thought that they may have come attached to a boat or introduced as a food source. This crab is different from the common shore crab in that it has an olive body or dark brown body wide and long , with hairy legs and white pincers covered in fine dense hair. On looking at the photos when I got hope I realised it was just an odd-looking shore crab. As a footnote anyone sighting one of these crabs should report this to Jen Aldous at the South Cumbria Rivers Trust (015395 300047).

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