Posted by: Dangerousden | November 1, 2012

1 Nov 2012 Sandy Gap

Wasn’t able to have a ” last day of the season”  Salmon fishing session  on the River Duddon  yesterday due to personal reasons …and not the weather. To be quite honest I may not have gone anyway (I am definitely getting soft in my old age) I did not have any fresh bait show I was resorted once again raided  the freezer for frozen black, squid, mackerel, crab  mussel sausages and loaded frozen mussel hooks. Decided on a high water session at Sandy Gap on a mark suggested to me by Steve Magee, my last visit was a low water session here last week. The weather wasn’t too bad 7 deg C as I got out of the car with a brisk westerly wind  and a decent sea with a bit of surf. The wind actaully got up just before high tide and easeed off a bit after high water.

I got there for 1030 and fished the tide up (HT 1227 8.92 M). I fished a single 3/0 Manta Extra bottom hook (attached to a Gemini link clip) and a 3/0 Manta Extra/ 2/0 pennel Manta Extra on the top. Started with frozen mussel hooks tipped with mackerel nd squid on the bottom, reloading with mussel sausage  and frozen black on the top. Throughout the session things were very quite and never had one knock and it  continued like this from start to finish. The bait was coming in untoughed and to be honest I only used 2 black, 1 musel hook , 1 mussel sausage, 2 peices of Mackerel and 2 peices of Squid!

The weather was good throughout the session with a very light shower that didn’t really test my Greys Appolo Extreme “tea bags”. I have heard bad reports regarding the water resistance of this suit andas yet  I not fished in any torrential rain.  The mock and salopettes did however keep me warm (with my Simms vest and long johns underneath). I originally bought the thermals for use with my chest waders and I must  say they are good. Although I was wearing socks and thermal socks with my wellintons,  my feet were getting cold. On the hands front they weren’t too bad until I was packing up,then they got cold,  all I need now are  decent thermal footwear and gloves, .

I decided about 1 hour after high water to call it a day and headed home. This  is the first time I have done any kind of fishing in November (Salmon season finishes the last day of October ) and I tend not to fly fish on FFA Game Section Waters during the winter (it’s hard enough fishing these waters in summer ….never mind winter!). I have got to admit ..although  I blanked (yet again!!) I thoroughly enjoyed it and the fresh air certainly  invigerates you!.

I had  a crack with a chap who gets in the Soccer Bar before  Barrow’s home games (talking about Barrow AFC…..not fishing) and also a chap who informed me that he is going to fish in Kent for 2 days next week fishing for the police team (local I presume). We were talking about what is being caught and where , I informed about an old school mate of mine from West Shore Secondary School (Don Jesson) that he caught a 1.5lb schholie at Kinfisher Car Park last week……then he informed me that Don was his uncle!

Nothing else much intersting to report on, all that’s left for me to do is ponder on the next plan of attack!


  1. Nice to be out Den,just got in from taking the dog for a walk over Earnse after work,I know I would of preferred to be fishing than working,keep at it,you will be rewarded soon enough.

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