Posted by: Dangerousden | November 2, 2012

2 Nov 2012 Kingfisher Car Park

Where to start? Ah well here goes………………

Steve Magee finished nights  went straight out at 0700 on a pumping/ digging session, I text him to find out he got on and the wind didn’t allow  the tide to ebb far enough for the black so he dug some blow Lug. Asked him if he fancied Kingfisher Car Park and it was a goer. Unfortunately he had to go and buy his wife a birthday present first, so I said I would meet him own there.

I got there about 1045 there was already someone 150yds down from the car park and that was it! I decided to fish 25M from the car park. Got set up ready and started fishing at about 1100 (HW 12:59  8.76M).

Steve rang me to say that he wouldn’t be able to make it as wouldn’t have time after getting Mrs Magee her present.

Once again I did not have any fresh bait so I was resorted once again to raiding the freezer for frozen black, squid, mackerel, bluey, crab,  mussel sausages, Salted blow lug and loaded frozen mussel hooks.

There was a blustery westerly wind with the odd rain and hail shower….but it was sheltered and not cold. Once again  fished a single 3/0 Manta Extra bottom hook (attached to a Gemini link clip) and a 3/0 Manta Extra/ 2/0 pennel Manta Extra on the top. Started with frozen mussel hooks tipped with mackerel and squid on the bottom, reloading with mussel sausage  and frozen black on the top reloaded with frozen crab. I didn’t use any salted lug, that could have been my biggest mistake as I had a flatty on salted lug on 18 Sep 2012.
Not long after I started fishing another chap turned uo with his grandson (I presumed) and fished by the car park . No sooner was his bait  in the water he was reeling in the flatties…using fresh blow lug as bait! About 30 minutes before high tide a friend of mine  (unfortunately I cannot name him) turned up and we had a good natter…..there wasn’t much else for me to do.

Just before he arrived,  I was reeling in and I thought I had a double-header as the was quite a good weight on, after reeling in I couldn’t believe it I had caught someones snapped lin,  the end of the line had a small lump of weed on it and it had attached itself to my breakaway lead. I managed to handball the line in and received a rig and breakaway lead.

My friend (who still shall remain nameless)  went and had a crack with the chap 150M away. When he came back he said he too was using fresh blow lug and bashing the flatties! The chap informed him that someone had lost a decent Bass there yesterday and plenty of flounders were taken.

My friend departed and I still didn’t have a knock. I carried on fishing until about a n hor after high water, I had a couple of light taps but did not get into anything. Even though I blanked….yet again! (apart from the rig and breakaway)  it was an enjoyable session  and I have learned something, next time I go fishing, …..if I do take frozen bait……. I still need to take fresh bait!

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