Posted by: Dangerousden | November 15, 2012

15 Nov 2012 Roanhead

Haven’t been out for nearly 2 weeks so decided to dig some bait yesterday and pondered where to go. Reading various reports and not hearing of anything being caught through chit chat I decided to have a session at Roanhead. My last trip there was up to the top scar on a 9.76M tide (fishing from the sand hills. Todays tide was not quite that big (1150 9.6M). Decided not to venture far down the beach and fished in usual flatty bashing mark. I got there about 0945 and started fishing at 1000, the tide had already shown. It was a beautiful calm misty (over the estuary) morning with a slight southerly breeze. The sea was very nearly flat calm.

I had by cool bag loaded with fresh lugworm, frozen black, frozen  mackerel and squid. I got tackled up with a one up one down two hook flapper rig on a 150gm breakaway  (switching to 125g after the first cast) top hook frozen black tipped with squid and bottom clipped hook with fresh blow lug tipped with squid/mackerel.About 20 minutes after I started fishing I was joined by Steve Magee.

Haven’t fished with Steve since our visit to the South End of Walney on 23 Oct 2012. He got tackled up and cast in and it wasn’t long before my rod started rattling, struck and landed a 1lb 9oz flounder (my biggest this year)…………..I broke my blank at last! This was caught on the frozen black tipped with squid.

Steve put it down to him turning up and showing me the way…….a big thank you Steve! Kept the fish for the table, well not actually my table, I usually give my fish to Charlie Shields who really appreciates it. One highlight of the day was bumping into an old school mate and fishing companion Stuart Rodgers. We used to fish everywhere together, FFA course  ponds, Urswick Tarn and of course sea fishing at Roanhead He reminded me of the time my dad (Billy Plant) caught a bag full of Bass and Roanhead and a 3lb eel that I caught on Urswick Tarn.

We thought that would be start of an exiting session but that could not have been further from truth. That was the only action of the day for me and Steve….well he blanked which is not like Steve lately! Although there was no further action it was an enjoyable days fishing and the weather was fantastic. We carried on fishing until 1 hour down and decided to call it a day.

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