Posted by: Dangerousden | February 28, 2013

28 Feb 2013 Aldingham

Well………..haven’t been out fishing since 16 November last year! I’ve been itching to get out for ages after reading fishing reports on various forums and watching videos on the likes of Henry Gilbey. With the weather how it has been lately I planned to get  a visit in sometime this week and today seemed the best weather forecast. I wasn’t sure where to go, I was tempted to take my fly rod to Middle North – Furness Fishing Game Section water (fly only), but in the end it was the lure of the sea. The big decision was …where to go! I wanted to go to a venue that I had not read any reports on. The two venues in mind were Roanhead and Aldingham. In the end Aldingham it was…… the reason being was that it was quite a high tide and I may have ended up fishing in the sand hills …like the  visit I had on 17 Oct last year.

The weather was beautiful before I set off , I did however decide to don my thermals  and sallopettes ( sensibly put my smock in my bag just in case). Why I put thermals on I do not know as it was very warm on the beach…but you never know if it will go cool. I arrived at 1130 and it was very warm.


I got tackled up with a one up one down two hook flapper rig on a 150gm breakaway top hook Frozen black lug/ salted blow lug cocktail and bottom clipped hook with frozen black. The Frozen black was the last I left over from my visit to Gerrys last year. I did take a bluey but did not use any.


I started fishing at about 1150 as the tide touched  (HW 1252  9.41M). The sea was flat calm with no breeze when I arrived, a light southerly breeze appeared about 15 minutes before high water , but it was still pleasant. There was a slight sea mist in the Bay but Heysham Power Station was still visible.




On the first 3 casts I did get a very light tap but nothing to show and the bait came back untouched each time.

I stuck it out until I ran out of water to cast into and packed in about 1410.

I used my new Imax 35 Litre Rucksack for the first time also my new rod rest bag given to me by my mate Steve Magee.



The rucksack is very good…….but I must remember not take too many weights nest time. The rod rest bag is also good as it stops me getting sand in the car.

Sorry that the report or the photos are not very exciting…………………..hopefully my next visit will be more productive. Even though I bagged my first blank this year (I know I am in good company) it wa as usual a fantastic couple of hours fishing.

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