Posted by: Dangerousden | March 5, 2013

4 Mar 2013 Earnsie Bay

Spartons last day off before he starts nights again tomorrow night. He suggested a venue had heard reports about but that would have meant a long trip out before fishing. The plan was to set out at 1200, however after hanging out the washing  at 1100 I thought is was rather parky. Rang him to suggest a closer venue and ……………………Earnsie Bay it was!

As usual we fished 2 hours up 1 down (HT 1554 8.20M). The weather was perfect, unfortunately with a light easterly breeze.


I was using frozen black and salted lug  on a one up one down two hook flapper rig.


I calculated that I only cast out 5 times and just had to top the black and salted lug once, each time the bait came back untouched. The only decent thing about the day was the weather , the peace and tranquility oh!……………………and of course being out fishing with Sparton. We had a right good natter ….., seeing as we haven’t been out fishing together since 15 November last year ………………we had a lot to catch up on (this didn’t involve talking about catching fish). Still getting used to using my new (cast off from Mrs Dangerous) I phone 4, I manged  to take one or two boring photos and videos (nothing elsed much to do!


……………………… and videos of Sparton exibition  casting with his new Sonik rod. Links below:

The temperature started to drop as the tide ebbed and sun started to go down.


The next plan of attack will be a trip to Roanhead with 2 rods, fresh lug, salted lug and frozen black……..that should sort out another blank!

Got home and got the washing in…….perfect day at the office!

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