Posted by: Dangerousden | June 25, 2013

24 June 2013 Earnsie Bay

Decided to have a sea fishing session on Walney as I have not been out since the
4 March due to the weather conditions and allotment priorities The weather
forecast was good apart from the wind….I had contemplated the Coast Road
….but what the hell. As soon as I spotted the sea conditions whilst passing
the golf course I realised I had made a mistake …but it was too late to change
my venue! Got over a little later than I usual do and manage d to get set up 1.5
hours before high water There was a very strong NW gale blowing which limited my
casting distance however there was a good surf on………………

There was no weed about
which was a good thing and my I had no problem holding the ground with A 130 gm

I started fishing @1015 (HT 1142 9.45 M). I wasn’t the only
one fishing as there was another chap 75M to my left


and someone about 500M north of



I set up with a 2 hook flapper rig. with fresh blow lug and salted blow lug.

The session was very quite from start to finish …I never had one
knock. I stuck it out until 1/2 hour after high water, not like me I usually go
for 2 hours after high (in the olden days). Hat trick of sea fishing blanks for
me this year.


  1. Keep at it Den,you need a nice bass to go with the fresh veggies you will soon be harvesting 😉

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