Posted by: Dangerousden | June 25, 2013

FFA Game Water Nigel 20 June 2013

Decided to have a couple of hours fly fishing as I wasn’t able to get out to do any fishing due to allotment priorities. The weather was good with a light northerly breeze. I started  at the west end of the pond as there were Trout (and Rudd)  moving.


Started fishing with an Olive Buzzer, mainly having to roll cast due to there being trees behind me. It wasn’t long before I had my fist take however ……………the Rudd got off before I managed to land it!

I moved into the field …laid my landing net on the grass and found this lure laying on the bank.


I carried on with the Buzzer for a while and then changed to the lure I found without success. I decided to move through the woods and onto the North Bank….still fishing with this lure.



There were fishing moving however the majority were out of casting distance.

I was only fishing for  about 10 minutes when I caught my first Perch on fly……………..


…………………….quickly followed by my second Rudd of the day (both safely returned).


Not a lot to report on the Trout but quite an enjoyable evening course fishing……………..might get a course licence next year.

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