Posted by: Dangerousden | June 25, 2013

Rocklands Mere Fishery – Norfolk 5 June 2013

Well it was off to Norfolk with my wife to see her brother and wife for a weeks break. The plan was for Paul Lloyd (my brother-in Law)and myself to have a sea fishing session on the North Norfolk coast. Packed the sea outfit, borrowed Steve Magees 6ft rod rest so it would fit in the VW Golf and off we went. Discussed with Paul about where to go sea fishing and he suggested a fly fishing session!…………. Why didn’t I put my fly gear in as well!

He suggested either Narborough or Rocklands Mere Fishery……………………..the latter venue came out on top!




Armed with one of Paul’s fly rod and reel (floating line) we arrived at 1100. We agreed to go for a day session @£25/ rod….with a 4 fish take limit Rainbows could taken, Brownies had to be returned. Not having any flies I purchased 3 ( GRHE Goldhead, Claret  Epoxy Buzzer and a  Green Damsel). Paul did have a fly selection (that I would try later).

The weather was not perfect for fly fishing more appropriate for sunbathing and drinking………which is what we did on the 3 pervious days!) I opted to start with the Claret  Epoxy Buzzer., there were plenty of fish showing including good size  Brownies in the margins. Unfortunately my fist fly choice was not productive. so I changed to the GRHE Goldhead. Paul was also using the a Goldhead and he had one take but he missed it. Shortly after I  had a take and the fish took, Paul brought the landing net for me but I opted to fight the fish and hand ball it in and…………………..lost it. I was trying to take a photo of the fish and had the I Phone set to video! Changed to the Green Damsel once again with no success.  I I decided to borrow a Black Spider dry fly off Paul once again with no success. We worked our way around the  and fished till 1700 with no further success and decided to call it a day. I thoroughly enjoyed the days fishing and will make sure that I pack my fly as well as sea gear in next time.



If anyone is in the Norwich area and looking for a decent trout water I would recommend this………. it is well worth a visit. Perhaps better getting an evening ticket!

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