Posted by: Dangerousden | June 26, 2013

South End of Walney 26 June 2013

Had some manky blow lug dug on Saturday left and some fresh black lug pumped on Monday. Armed with my pair of Tripilex rods  with Abu 6500i TSR’s I headed off to the South End of Walney to fish a new mark. I decided to set off early (arrived @1115) to suss out the lay of the land.


…………………………… and settled for  a rocky/ sandy ground. (HW 1420 9.38M)  I set my two rods up and lo and behold my mate Steve Magee turned up. He said he was going to go further south but opted for the company of mois :),


I had made  a couple of 1 hook clipped down rigs with 3/0 Sakuma’s for todays session. One rod baited with the blow lug dug last Saturday, the other with the fresh black.. There was a decent surf with a brisk NW wind and sunny conditions.

I got set up and started to fish at about 1130



…………., nothing much happened until about 1.5 hours  before high water when the rod with the blow lug started to rattle…..I struck and to my surprise I had my fist Silver of the year


……………….37cm of pure Silver and safely returned . I managed to get a signal on my mobile and upload a photo……… was quite amusing reading the comments (at least I was out doing something that I enjoy and………………..size is everything!) . I carried on fishing and decided to have a last cast at about with both rods loaded with a bundle of elasticated blow lug………and about 1 hour 15 mins after high water one of the rods rattled, I struck and I couldn’t believe it….I had foul hooked an Eel in its tail.


The hook was easily removed without slime and it was safely returned to fight another day. Shortly after Steve managed to break his blank with an Eel.


A thoroughly enjoyable day with some good banter with Steve.

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