Posted by: Dangerousden | June 28, 2013

27 June 2013 Aldingham

Decided to use some of the fresh black at a more sheltered area and Aldingham it was  with the hope of a Bass or two!

The weather wasn’t up to much, overcast, drizzly………….. it was however sheltered from the NW wind. It was a very different forecast from my last visit in February !.



26 June 2013


I was getting my car valeted and wasn’t able to get pack up until 1345 which was one reason I chose this venue. Not surprisingly I was the only one fishing, however there were a few rods out on the Coast Road and two shelters out on Newbiggin (one of these might have been Pugsie). When I arrived @ 1400 the tide was about 200M out I started fishing at about 1410 as the tide touched  (HW 1509  9.12M). I one rod today with a 1 hook clipped down rig with 3/0 Sakuma’s baited the fresh black.



It was very quite I was getting small (flatty) rattles and I had to wait until high tide before I caught my  first flounder (38cm)



This was flowed later by a 28cm flounder, then a 26cm flounder both safely returned., the first fish was taken my friend Charlie Shields..

I stuck it out until about 1 hour after high water. It was an enjoyable  couple of hours fishing and although I had no success on the Bass front…………………. I didn’t blank!

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