Posted by: Dangerousden | July 30, 2013

25 July 2013 Aldingham

Set off early to have a drive down the coast Road to check out various nenues before to tide showed and to take some photos. Ended up at Kingfisher…………..but decided to head back to Aldingham with some freshly dug blow lug.
I arrived @1230 and the tide was fishable about 1245 (HT 1403 9.43M).
I fished two rods with single 3/0 clipped down rigs on 150gm breakaways. It wasn’t long before one of my rods was rattling and I managed to land a 42cm Silver (kept for the table).


10 minutes later the same rod was off again amnd I landed a 38cm Silver (looks bigger in the photo!)………safely returned.


My other rod rattled and I was into another nice Silver but lost it about 2M from the shore……………shit happens.

Shortly after I got my last knock of the day and landed a small flounder (safely returned).

The throughout the session was sunny with a light Southerly breeze. Shortly before packing up the weather over the Bay looked bad and I could hear thunder in the distance but that was heading towards Heysham.

The heavens did however open up with a torrential shower……it was a most enjoyable day.

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