Posted by: Dangerousden | July 30, 2013

26 July 2013 Aldingham

Decided to head back to Aldingham to use up the last of my leftover blow lug……….the last time I will be out for a week or so.
I arrived @1315 set up ready @1330 and the tide was fishable about 1345 (HT 1447 9.21M).Once again I fished two rods with single 3/0 clipped down rigs on 150gm breakaways.
I put in a long and short cast. It wasn’t long before I saw some action and had a knock on the short cast but I didn,t manage to connect. I couldn.t believe my eyes when Steve Magee (Sparton) turned up on high water………..
as he was walking down the beach I had my second knock and again missed it!
He got tackled up and on his second cast had a nice 40cm Silver which he returned safely.
5 minutes later I had a 38cm Silver which went back safely.
15 minutes later and Steve was into his second Silver measuring 36cm …that went back safely.
It was a good session with me being entertained (as usual) by Steve…….he should be on the stage!. The weather was once again brilliant, very calm and hot. Yet another good session and it was nice to see to break his duck with two nice silvers.

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