Posted by: Dangerousden | August 5, 2013

5 Aug 2013 Newbiggin

Although only a low tide (HT 1134 8.21M) I decided to have a lure session at the Coast Road. I had planned to fish Aldingham but when I arrived @1045 the tide was nowhere near fishable. Decided to drive back to Newbiggin.
Having donned my chest waders and new Greys Strata wading jacket (the latter for the first time). Decided not to bother taking my Rapala sling bag and just fished with a Silver Toby. It was quite sheltered where I fished but it was torrential rain from start to finish with a light westerly and a slight swell on the . Got started @1100 and was getting a good distance. The weed was manageable more than I can say for the Bass!………… it was a very quite (but enjoyable) session. I had company from someone beach casting , he arrived about 1130 but only stayed till about 1200…blanking like me. I stuck it out until 1215 and decided to call it a day. Positive feedback on the Greys Strata wading jacked though……………no leaks!
Unfortunately I do not have any photos ……phone battery flat……………….the photos would not have been very interesting anyway!

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