Posted by: Dangerousden | August 9, 2013

8 Aug 2013 Newbiggin

Had some blow lug leftover from yesterday and decided on a last minute trip out as the weather looked good for blanking. Newbiggin was my choice as there was more water on the medium height tide. Took the beachcaster and luring gear (well just a silver Toby….left my sling bag at home!). I arrived at 1115 to suss out the lay of the shore before the tide touched (HT 1313 8.84M).

Setup the beachcaster with single 3/0 clipped down rigs on a 150gm breakaway and was fishing at about 1145 …..lure rod at the ready
As the tide showed I noticed a swirl in the water about 3M out and a large dorsal fin and tail (Large Bass!!…………..I don’t think it was a mullet). Got down their with the lure rod but the water was too shallow…..should have had a Storm Rattlin Salt Water Chug Bug with me!

It was sheltered where I fished with no wind, warm sunny periods and a flat calm sea, although about 30 minutes before high tide a southerly breeze put a swell on the sea.
I had a couple of light knocks nut once again another blanking session. I had a few casts with the toby with just as much success as the beachcaster. I stuck out until 1445 and headed home to plan my next outing (probably next week now!).

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