Posted by: Dangerousden | August 16, 2013

16 Aug 2013 Burlington (FFA Game Section Water)

Decided to have a change from sea fishing..thought about the River Crake ….but decided on Burlington…………..this is an all year stocked water.
All methods are permitted on this water (Fly, Bait, Spinner) I only fly fish as with all other waters in this club. I have not fished this water for over 10 years! I arrived there at about 1200, parked on the Rita car Park and walked through the woods to the bank between Burnhole and Burlington.
I could not see anyone else fishing ……this surprised me! as in the past there would have been plenty fishing this water.

This was and still is a good spot for fly fishing. Compared to the last time I fished there the bank has been well eroded. I started with a black buzzer on a floating line. The weather was sunny with a brisk westerly wind… was however sheletered where I was………..unfortunately with no ripple on the gin clear water. I never saw one fish ….or any rises…….the water looked dead. I stuck it out there for about 45 minutes and decided to have a move. I walked further on through the woods………………


towards the south bank……..unfortunately there is no access there now! So I headed back to the the original swim and changed to a green Montana…….without success. Another two chaps arrived set up next to me bait fishing. I stuck it out for about another 30 minutes, decided to call it a day and went and had a natter with the other two lads. During various topics of conversation I realised I knew them from my time in VSEL as an electrician 40 years ago. They were both electrical marker offs when I was in there (Mike Taylor and John Hartley). I might meet up with them next week for a sea session at Aldingham.


Next time I wiil try Burlington at the east end of the water near Thwaite Flat or wet a fly on Middle North (haven’t been up there for over 10 years).

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