Posted by: Dangerousden | August 19, 2013

19 Aug 2013 Aldingham

With not being able to dig any bait yesterday (afternoon session at the Soccer Bar!) I decided to have a hours lure fishing at Aldigham seeing as the tides are rising (HT 1040 8.59M). I arrived at 0950 and tide was just showing. It was nice day with a South Westerly breeze.


As I got set up another chap arrived about 200M to my right. He had chest wader on and waded out about 100M into about 0.5M of water, I thought he must be lure fishing but as I was walking back to the car park I could see it was a beach casting set up.
I loaded braid onto the Okuma reel I won in last years Angling Addicts June/July competition, this was only the second time I had used it. I was going to take my other lure set up but decided against it! I I also decided against taking my chest waders.
Started off (and finished!) with an 8 cm 10gm Red Head Storm Rattlin Salt Water Chug Bug.

On the second cast the braid was “Knotted up”

I tried to undo the knot but this wasn’t possible and I had to cut the braid and make off the leader again. Cast out again and …another knot……… Remade off the leader again and attached the lure to a tree and stretched the braid, This happened a further 4 times (getting good at tying Albright knots) on the fifth knot I decided to call it a day (Knotted braid safely disposed off).

I lure fished last week with braid on my Shimano and never had any problems with it! I never really got to put the Okuma Octana spinning rod and Okuma Trio 40s spinning reel through it’s paces…….may have to put mono back onto the reel. This was one of my shortest sessions ……………..not much to report about on the fishing front.

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