Posted by: Dangerousden | August 21, 2013

21 Aug 2013 Thorney Nook

Had some blow lug (small) left over from yesterday and didn’t think it would last until today, so I went out last night to a different location and dug some fresh (snakes!). Having hammered the Coast Road for the last couple of weeks and noticing that there was not much weed on yesterday’s tide at Earnsie Bay I headed off to Thorney Nook. Looking at the weather forecast it looked as though it could have been a wet session… decided to don the chest waders and wading jacket. I arrived at 1000 (HT 1216 9.36M)

There was a brisk South-westerly wind and a good surf on……….it looked very “Bassy”……….

It was over cast but it wasn’t raing… fact it never rained throughout the session. I was a bit peeved and getting dressed up like I did……I could have wore shorts and tee-shirt!
I Decided to just fish with the one rod although I had plenty of bait. Set up with a single 3/0 clipped down rigs on 150gm breakaway impact lead with big baits. When I arrived I thought I would have to fish with a 170gm lead (or heavier) but on looking in my bag I only had 150gm leads!.

Casting distance was limited for me!) due the wind….I would say I was only getting out about 50M it wasn’t too bad ….and my lead was holding. I didn’t have a problem with the weed…there was weed about but I fished most of the session with rod in hand and managed to get the line high out the water.

I was fishing for about an hour when the line went slack….. I quickly retrieved the slack line and felt a couple of knocks ….struck and managed to land a 39cm big fat Silver (easily 2lb).

I really must learn to look happy when I catch a fish and not grimace! I thought that I might have lost it in the surf , it was hooked in the top lip and was safely returned. I struggled to take a photo….my glasses kept getting covered in spray from the sea. I did manage to get one photo and thought I took a few but on looking on my I phone I had actually took a video of the fish (very short clip)…………………………………………

Next time in those conditions I need to put my contact lenses in ….I was forever cleaning my glasses.

I had another slack line bite followed by another small knock but didn’t connect. “Mrs Dangerousden” rang me @1345 to see what time I would be home and did I want a sandwich making!!…….mid conversation I had a knock….. phone back into my jacket pocket and…………… missed it ..ah well s**t happens!

A chap was on the beach walking his dog and I had a good natter with him. He was telling me that had been down the Coast Road today and had some decent flatties… Silvers. Whilst talking about Angling Addicts he remembered reading some of my reports…..didn’t catch his name unfortunately.

I carried on fishing until 1415 ….that made it 2 up 2 down, called it a day and went home for my sandwich (Richard Woodall ham and salad mmmmmmmm it was nice). A thoroughly enjoyable day………it made a difference fishing with a good surf on

………………………….and not just lapping waves.

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