Posted by: Dangerousden | August 22, 2013

22 Aug 2013 Thorney Nook

After a wild but successful session yesterday and still having some decent blow Lug in the refrigerator, I decided on another dabble for a silver. The forecast gave sunny spells with showers and lighy winds. After getting dressed up for mid-winter yesterday, I decided enough was enough …it is still summer so it was shorts and tee shirt for me. Whilst getting the worms out of the garage it was raining….put my old wading jacket in the boot (just in case). The big decision was ……….where should I go. I didn’t fancy flatty bashing seession( Aldingham) … it was off to Thorney Nook again. Whilst driving over to Walney it was cloudy but as I drove up Ocean Road the sun came out and the weather over the Irish Sea was brilliant……not Bassy today!!!!
I arrived at 1045 (HT 1259 9.49M)

There was a very light Southerly breeze wind a flat calm sea and I had the beach to myself.

……….completely the opposite to yesterday!

With having plenty of bait left, I decided to fish two rods.

………………set up with a single 3/0 clipped down rigs on 125gm breakaway impact leads and ………large baits.

I started by putting a long (ish) bait out and a shorter bait. Right from the start the hooks were comong back in stripped………bloody crabs! Throughout the session all I did was bait the first rod up, cast out sit down for two minutes reel in. Bait up the second rod cast out sit down for two minutes reel in the first rod . bla bla bla bla and so on. There was a bit of weed about and quite a bit of rubbish floating past (floating glass bottles plastic bottles and tree debris at high water.

Through the session I didn’t have one knock. It was until 1400 that I manage to land one of the bait strippers, an hour after high water…….

………immediately followed by another one on the other rod .

both safely returned………………not sure if this still counts as a blanking session!

I carried on fishing until 1500 ….once again a 2 up 2 down session, As the tide was backing off there was a continuous stream of bubbles coming out from the beach………………………..

……I was not sure it was air or methane bubbles as if I am not mistaken years abo there was a forest where the beach is now.

Although it was a blanking session (I don’t count crabs) It was enjoyable with brilliant summer weather. Also I did have some good banter with some holidaymakers walking up and down the beach.

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