Posted by: Dangerousden | August 28, 2013

27 Aug 2013 Newbiggin

I got a phone call from my mate Steve Magee whilst I was having pre-match (Barrow V Harrogate) refreshments in the Soccer Bar asking if I wanted any bait that he had dug and would not be able to use. I couldn’t decline the offer and “Mrs Dangerousden” kindly collected them for me (including some sand eels) whilst I was at the match (which we won 1-0….and………. played really well)

I was contemplating a short visit to Roanhead as it was a low tide (HT 1621 7.95M)…….in the end decided on Newbiggin as it is not that far for me to travel.

I arrived at 1450…………….

and the tide was fishable at 1510.

It was a decent afternoon although the temperature is now dropping from what it was like in the last 2 weeks unfortunately and there was a brisk North Westerly breeze.
Decided to fish with a 2 Hook Loop Rigs with a 125gm breakaway. Bottom hook frozen black tipped with sand eel, Top hook with blow lug. It was just a question of casting out and just siting their….no problems with crabs ….or fish and the baits were coming back untouched! The water was quite clear and I should probably took my lure gear with me!

Just before high water another chap arrived with his wife and daughter and fished the other side of the beck outlet………

I passed the time by having a banter with one of my old work colleagues (Keith Pearce)…..he has been doing a bit sea fishing with his young son down at Kingfisher Car park over the last few weeks.

I don’t know why I return to this venue as I have only ever had one flounder there (in 4 previous visits) maybe because it is an easy venue with lovely views across and down the bay. I am not sure whether the fresh water that comes out of the beck may put the fish off.

Unfortunately once again this isn’t a very interesting report…….might just have to try a different option from high water…………… by doing low water somewhere.

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