Posted by: Dangerousden | September 5, 2013

5 Sep 2013 South End of Walney

Having not fished the South End this year (apart from a lure session cut short due to the fact I was parked up to a load of travellers) I decided on a session there. I had dug some fresh blow lug and along with frozen black and sand eels I headed off hoping for a silver or two.
The weather was good with a westerly breeze.

I got there for 1000
………………………and met up with Steve Magee


I got started fishing @1015 (HT 1215 8.87 M) and decided to fish with just the one rod with single 3/0 clipped down rig on 125gm breakaway and just fished with the fresh blow lug.

There was a decent surf on when I got there and as they say it looked very fishy!

There was a bit of weed about and it didn’t cause any problems until about 30 minutes after high water. Things were very quite with no action and the bait coming back stripped. The session continued to very quite from start to finish …I never had one knock….likewise Steve.

I did however manage to break my duck and landed a pin Whiting

……… was actually half a pin whiting as the crabs ate half of it before I could land and release it! Only spotted one seal and that didn’t turn till an hour after high water.
I stuck it out until 1345 and decided to call it a day, Steve also decided to pack up.

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