Posted by: Dangerousden | September 9, 2013

6 Sep 2013 Priory Point

Had plenty of bait left over from the previous days session and after a conflab with Steve Magee we decided to venture to a new venue for us both and……………. off to Priory Point we went. I got picked up by Steve @ 0945 and we arrived very, very early @ 1015 to suss out the lay of the land.

We got set up ready and sat down for the long wait for the tide show. The peace and tranquillity was soon shattered when a low flying jet flew overhead and I managed to video it.

The forecast didn’t look good so decided had to pack the waterproofs in…….not like the previous day when it shorts were the order of day. The weather stayed dry with the odd drizzle shower and a brisk northerly wind (that was until about 15 minutes after high water and the heavens opened).

Whilst we were waiting for the tide to show an ex-workmate of mine turned up with his mate, we had a good craic with them and they moved further down the beach

We got set up and the tide showed about 1130…………………….

…..and were able to start fishing @1145 (HT 1246 9.07 M). With having so much bait I decided to fish with two rods with single 3/0 clipped down rigs on 125gm breakaways and one with the fresh blow lug the other fresh blow lug tipped with sand eel.

Steve fished only brought the one rod and wished he’d brought two.

First cast I got a knock and landed a small flounder that was safely returned….in all the excitement I never took a photo!. After that I things were very quite I had one other knock that I missed and there was no further action for me with the bait coming back untouched. Steve also managed one flounder (again no photo!), the other two lads seemed to be landing flounders every cast. On reflection and looking at how the channel ran in we should have moved further along the beach….not that we wanted flounders!

I did manage to spot either a large sea trout or salmon jumping………with all the rain we have had might just have to have a visit on the Crake!
High water came and the water was ebbing fast…….

and we stuck it out until 1345 and decided to call it a day. Although it wasn’t a busy day on the fish front this a venue that myself and Steve will return to …..hopefully for a Silver.

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