Posted by: Dangerousden | September 16, 2013

12 Sep 2013 River Duddon

Matthew (my son) fancied doing a bit of fishing before he went back to work from his holidays. The tides weren’t quite right so we decided to have a session on one of my local syndicate ( rivers. He was free for a couple of hours today so we had a drive up to the lower Duddon to suss out the state of the river for a session tomorrow. We parked up on the Ulpha road and walked onto the bridge to check the water level……and……it was low!! I used to night time fly fish this stretch years ago with Matt and also my cousin (Brian Harris). Sadly Matt lost interest in fishing (girls and football) and Brian moved down south and sold his share. We walked back towards the car and went into the field and walked along the east bank and didn’t see any signs of fish.
Time was running out before Matt had to go for a dentist appointment so we decided to have a quick visit up to a stretch on the Duddon known as Long Dub, there wa a fair bit of water moving on this stretch.
View looking upstream

View looking downstream

We haven’t been up there in years. An old work colleague of mine (Alan Managh) and fellow shareholder sadly passed away in 2011. His family has erected a seat on the river bank in loving memory of him.

We sat there a while, enjoyed the peace and tranquillity and reminisced on our fishing this river years ago. We discussed whether  to fish the Duddon or go up to the River Crake…………………….the Crake it was!  Time was up and it was off to the dentist for Matt, prior to that a visit was needed to the Post Office for his day licence (£8)……..a treat from me!


  1. How did you fair on the Crake?

  2. In 1960 was rained off the Duddon at Spitfire Bridge and made my way back home to Kendal stopped at Penny bridge fished a Mallard and Claret andTeal Blue and Silver on point 11.30-o-clock and hit some 50 sea trout 2 and a quarter to six pounds, at times had 2 fish on at the same times. 64/65 season was the record, killed 97 Salmon and close to 1000 sea trout on the rivers arround Kendal.

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