Posted by: Dangerousden | September 16, 2013

13 Sep 2013 Allan Tarn and the River Crake

Seeing as there was not much water on the Duddon I made an executive decision for Matt and myself to fish on the River Crake. I tried all over to get some dyed shrimps without success so it was off to Tesco to buy some whole prawns. I also managed to dig some worms at my allotment, Matt got some from his garden and Dangerstu (working on my patio) retrieved some from under the old patio slabs…………………much appreciated.
Loaded up the bait/ spin rods and fly gear, packed the worms, prawns, some tobys, sea trout and salmon flies and it was off to the River Crake for us. We stopped off at the Penny Bridge Estate “Lower Beat” by the bridge at Greenodd to see that the river conditions were low, to be honest I didn’t think any thing different. Penny Parrock now have the rights to fish two rods on this stretch between Penny Bridge and A590 bridge over the Crake. To fish this stretch you need to book out in and take the passes that are located in a storage box local to the river. I suggested to Matt that we head off to an upper stretch known as Allan Tarn…………….and he agreed. We arrived at Allan Tarn at 1000.

There was a light run on the river as it entered Allan Tarn from Coniston Water.
View of the River Crake Looking Upstream towards Coniston Water from Allan Tarn

It was a pleasant day the sun was out, it was warm and there was a light Northerly breeze. We both started off floating fishing worm down the river into Allan Tarn. I haven’t fished on Allan Tran for over 10 years and from what I can remember it hasn’t changed much. There is still a houseboat there that I think is/ was owned by an old work colleague of mine (Stuart Galbraith)……….I may be wrong!

We moved south down Allan Tarn, Matt continued with worm and I decided to float fish a prawn.

Prawn Float Rig

It was very quite on the fish front and I wondered if there were any fish about. We moved back up to the head of Allan Tarn and lo and behold a salmon head and tailed about 25M out!
View of me “Work Drowning” on Allan Tarn

We had lunch and stuck it until 1230 and decided to moved south onto the Penny Bridge Estate “Lower Beat”stretch. Fortunately there was no one else on the river and we managed to collect and book out the two passes. We set off down the west bank and it was very difficult to gain access to the river.

I used to fish this stretch over 25 years ago with permission from the then owner of Penny Hall, Major Machell and it easy to get access to the river. A barbed wire fence runs the full length of the river on both sides, the only access it to climb over various gates along the bank. We climbed over one of the gates and clambered down the bank, when I say we clambered, I mean Matt clambered down …..said to me there is a big drop……….. and I didn’t clamber down…………. I fell head first down the bank! We bot float fished worms down the clear water for about an hour without any success and decided to move down to the original road bridge over the river.

There was a slight run on and a decent run where the the river falls over the waterfall. Matt was fishing a pool just before the waterfall and got snagged on the bottom. He managed to retrieve his line and landed this monster 5lb log!
Matt with the Biggest “Catch” of the Day

We moved downstream and fished the fast run off the waterfall. Matt got a tangle on his reel and while the worm was drifting about in the edge he caught a small eel that came off as he reeled in.

We moved downstream onto the other side of bridge where there was a decent run on. I continued with worm and decided to eat what prawns I had left over and Matt had a session with a copper Toby.
View of the River Crake Looking Upstream towards Greenodd Road Bridge

We did see a couple of Sea Trout show about 75M downstream but once again we had no luck. We stuck it out until 1545 and decided to call it a day and return the passes a jot down a report in the log book.

Although we didn’t catch anything we had a thoroughly enjoyable Dad’s and Lad’s day!


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