Posted by: Dangerousden | September 23, 2013

20 Sep 2013 Thorney Nook

Having spent 2.5 hours on the Wednesday trying to pump black lug to no avail (only got 8!) I dug some fresh lugworm yesterday ready for a session today. I wasn’t sure where to go, I was contemplating Kingfisher Car Park (not fished there this year) but decided at the last-minute to head off to Thorney Nook. It was a decent day weather wise with broken cloud and a Westerly breeze when I arrived. There was a good surf on and it looked ……..very fishy.

I arrived at 1030 and there was already someone fishing.

I moved further down the beach to a mark I have fished before. I had plenty of bait and decided to fish the one rod with large bait. I fished a clipped 2 x 3/0 Hook Flapper rig with 125gm breakaway.
The weed in general wasn’t a problem until about 30minutes before high water when there seem to be a continuous “raft” about 10M out right along the beach.

Things were very quite(bait coming back untouched) up until an hour after a high water when I had a couple of knocks………..but missed them! (totally out of practice).

I carried on fishing 2 hours downand decided to call it a day. I had bit of a natter with chap to my right whilst he was packing up and he said that he had one knock but missed it.
Got home, gear washed and packed up ready for a fishing trip to Norfolk next week with my Brother in Law.

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