Posted by: Dangerousden | September 25, 2013

25 Sep 2013 Weybourne

I was visiting (from Barrow in Furness, Cumbria) my brother in law (Paul Llloyd) and his wife Teresa (with my wife) for a few days. So Paul and myself had decided on a sea fishing session somewhere on the North Norfolk coast. The last time I was down here we had a trout session at Rocklands. We hummed and harred where to go and decided on a session at Weybourne. I had a look on a number of forums and the web for some reports but it seemed that nowhere was fishing good…… the end we decided on Weybourne. We had already bought the bait…….blowlug frozen black, bluey and squid from We set off from Taverham ( 4 miles from Norwich) at 0745 and arrived at the car park for 0815. We paid £5 for a car parkin ticket unloaded the car a trundled east down the shingle beach. The sea was calm, it definitely didn’t look bassy but it did look as though it would fish well………….what for I didn’t know.

It was a pleasant morning with the sun shining through light cloud and there was a light onshore (northerly) breeze. The water was very clear and weed free. We got set up and were fishing for 0850 there was already someone fishing just as you come off the car park, we decided to move down the beach about 300M. We both decided to fish two rods. I opted for single 1/0 clipped down rigs on 125gm breakaways both baited with blow lug tipped with squid. Paul opted for 2 hook Rig Flapper and a single rig flapper both with 1/0 hooks on the other with 170gm breakaways once again baited with blow lug tipped with squid. Both Paul and myself put out one rod long and one a little closer in, there was a slight run on left to right. The wives informed us that if we did not catch any fish for the table it would be a Chinese carry out. Paul put the first order in …..just soup he already had the birds nest!

Things were very quite for the pair of us with the baits coming back stripped, it wasn’t until 0945 before there was any action………….. Paul landing a small eater crab……….safely returned.

The only action I saw throughout the session was landing a shrimp @1010, not caught with the hook but impaled on the wire of my breakaway

……..actually safely returned. High tide came……

and the still the hooks were coming back stripped. The wind changed direction to a southerly breeze and it became overcast.
About 2 hours after high water Paul suggested having a other 15 minutes and calling it a day. About 5 minutes later he cast out and straight away he had a knock and reeled in a nice Mackerel.

That gave him ………but not me

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