Posted by: Dangerousden | September 26, 2013

26 Sep 2013 Salthouse

With having plenty of bait left from out trip to Weybourne we opted for a different venue and decided to head off to Salthouse. We arrived at 0900 to be greeted by a decent sea ( completely different from yesterday at Weybourne). Paul was off like a shot……………..he just couldn’t wait to get into those Silvers

It was a sunny morning with a brisk easterly wind and quiet warm.

Walking onto the beach we opted to move east down the beach about 150M (that was our/my downfall). With having loads of bait left-over from yesterday we both got set up with two rods. I opted for a single 2/0 clipped down rig on one rod and a 2 Hook Flapper (1 up 1 down) rig on the other rod both with 125gm breakaways. I baited the single rig with lug and cast out ………with disastrous consequence ….got my first birds nest.

I was wondering how this happened and it dawned on me that Paul’s father in-law came round yesterday wanting to know if he had enough line on his on his Daiwa 7HT and about the break settings. I do remember slackening of by break showing him the movement on the spool….and didn’t reset/ check it. I left this rod and baited the other rod with blow lug, cast out and got down trying to get rid of the bird’s nest. After 15 minutes of trying there was only one thing to do and that was to cut the line. Before doing this I retrieved (or tried to) the rig, unfortunately I was snagged and guess what…..I lost my shock leader! Cut the nest out, loaded a new leader and got set up with a single 2/0 clipped down rig. Before baiting this up I reeled in the other rod to find myself snagged and…… guessed it I lost another leader, loaded up a new leader (my last)……………..and it was time for a move!

Paul managed to get set up and started fishing, opting once again for a 2 hook Rig Flapper and a single rig flapper both with 1/0 hooks on the other with 170gm breakaways baited with blow lug.

We moved back 150M towards the car park and started fishing, there was a very heavy sea on with a slight run on left to right. I fished with just the one rod loaded with frozen black and tipped with either bluey/ squid. Things didn’t get better for me, I opened the bag of Blueys , cut a fillet of and………..I don’t know how I did it….stabbed myself in the palm of my hand, god did it bleed, I picked some wet seaweed up and it wasn’t long before it stopped bleeding……..I must remember this in future.

It wasn’t long before Paul got snagged and lost his shock leader (neither of us had any left)……..Paul was down to one rod. Things were very quite for both of us, bites were hard to detect (if we had any) and I opted to hold my rod rather than use the rod rest for the majority of the time.

Just before high water someone else arrive on the beach and fished about 100M to our right.

It wasn’t long before Paul’s luck finally ran out and dead on high tide (1138 2.30M)

………………………lo and behold he lost another shock leader. That gave him the opportunity to use my other rod …..which he duly accepted.

We carried on fishing until about an hour after high water and decided to call it a day.

Just as we were packing up another couple of lads turned up and fished set up about 75M to our right. I did read on one of the Forums that someone fished these venues from high water to low……………..perhaps we got it wrong!
It was an enjoyable session as was the one yesterday with Paul however and I cannot remember having as much bad luck since I started back into sea fishing last year, he too has not had as much bad luck as that.First thing on the shopping list when I get is for some more tapered shock leaders, Not even my old mate Steve Magee has this much bad luck! I must thank Steve by the way for swapping rod rests with me, mine won’t fit in the VW Golf without it sticking up my wife’s nose. I might just have to plan in a flatty bashing session when I get back up north to try to make my reports a little bit more interesting on the fish front…………….if I can catch one!

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