Posted by: Dangerousden | March 2, 2014

1 Mar 2014 Rocklands Mere Fishery – Norfolk

With the wives going back to East Dereham for a bit of shopping, Paul Lloyd (my brother-in-law) suggested we have another session at Rocklands Mere Fishery…..I didn’t much persuading. The weather in the morning was dull with a bit of rain however the forecast was for an improvement in the afternoon. We set off at about 1100 and arrived at 1145, the weather was fine, overcast with a light Northwesterly breeze it was a tad cooler that our last visit on 17th Feb.The condition looked good with a nice ripple on the water it was a little calmer at the North end though.
WE got set up, Paul started on the first platform on the West bank and I started on the South bank. I opted to fish with floating line again with a single barb less fly on a 12ft leader. I started off using a black nymph casting out into the middle and also in the margins. Paul decided to move onto the east bank I stuck it out on the South bank out for about 15 minutes and joined him on the East bank.

I was fishing just opposite the island. I decided to change fly to a Black Buzzer, the fly I had success with on the previous visit. I was casting out to the side of the island with with a very slow figure 8 retentive and it wasn’t long before I had my fist take and landed a nice (but slim) 2.5lb Rainbow Trout at 1220.
I continued casting towards the island and into the margins and ten minutes after getting my first fish I was into my second this was a smaller rather plump rainbow about 1.5lb.

That was my take limit
…….. so was now onto catch and release. I experimented with various other flies a lures to no avail.

I had a walk round to see how Paul was doing and he told me he lost a decent Rainbow trout around the 3lb mark just as he was just about to net it.I went back and persevered for another 15 minutes and decided to around to the next peg which was also opposite the island.
It looked rather “fishy” this small channel between the east bank and island with a goo ripple. I reverted back to the Black Buzzer and it wasn’t long (1320) before I had my third fish was was safely returned without the use of my net.


The first two would have be released if I had my way but Paul wanted them for the table!

I continued with a very slow retrieve and 10 minutes later I was into another 1.5lb rainbow which again safely returned.
After my fourth fish things were very quite and that proved to be my lot.
Paul moved to platform to my left where I caught my first two fish and changed to a black Buzzer to no avail.
The sun was getting lower in the sky and were a number of rises but we could’t connect.

Paul was having a lot of pain with his “Tennis Elbow” and fortunately for him our 4 hours were up and it was time to pack in. I recorded my catch in the log book and we had a bit of a craic with James, the fishery manager. I will certainly look forward to further visits to this fishery when we return in the Summer.

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